Welcome To Stop The Strip Pub

Hello and welcome to the website/blog for the Stop The Strip Pub campaign. This is the movement to prevent Satchmo's on Stoke Newington Road (North London) being granted a license to put on strip shows.

On Tuesday 6th May Hackney Council rejected Satchmo's application for a Sex Encounters Establishment license. 

On 8th March  a group of nearly 100 local residents met outside Satchmo's to protest Satchmo's application.

On 11th April Hackney Council announced that they had received 525 written letters of objection - a new record for the borough.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Hackney Post Coverage of Protest

The Hackney Post have covered Saturday's protest. Including a nice quote from me. Click here to read the article.

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Katy said...

Good on you! I am so happy to hear about this activism. Although I'm all the way across the ocean in USA, I'm in support of what you're doing to protect your community. I wish I could stand next to you on your street, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm over here sending you all the love I can to help in your fight. It might not seem like much, but I think it's good to remember that the good fight is universal and international and ultimately the same.
It makes me so furiously sad to see human beings treated as commodities. The invasion of the "Adult" world is happening everywhere. It's become impossible for an average American to avoid being solicited, whether it's a bill board using a woman's body in an objecifying way to sell something, or the cover of a magazine at the grocery store that everyone sees. Even the liquor store down the block from my house has Budwieser Beer Ads with greased up models in string bikinis. And they have them in front of the counter, at children's eye level! So I can't even get some milk from the corner store, because I would have to bring my kids in. Remember when this stuff was isolated to dark alleys and seedy parts of town that no one was forced to go to? That was when we could keep that kind of danger away from the general community. Now they've crept in and taken over. and look at what has followed: Women dressing more like prostitutes, being pressured to act like them, and even being told that they should learn to have sex like them! Isn't this sad that it isn't the other way around. It's an ongoing war against everything that is good on this Earth and I encourage you to continue to fight for a place to live in this world with out all this smut. I wish you all the best in your fight against this attack on your community.