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Hello and welcome to the website/blog for the Stop The Strip Pub campaign. This is the movement to prevent Satchmo's on Stoke Newington Road (North London) being granted a license to put on strip shows.

On Tuesday 6th May Hackney Council rejected Satchmo's application for a Sex Encounters Establishment license. 

On 8th March  a group of nearly 100 local residents met outside Satchmo's to protest Satchmo's application.

On 11th April Hackney Council announced that they had received 525 written letters of objection - a new record for the borough.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

More messages of support for STSP

Hackney Council is still counting the numbers of letters of complaint sent to them by outraged local residents and businesses. The Hackney Gazette has estimated the numbers to be "more than 400" (see entry below).

Very importantly too the Council has revealed the date of the hearing - 6th May at 7pm. All local residents and businesses are entitled to attend.

In light of these developments, Ken Livingstone, Diane Abbott and our ward councillors Jamie Carswell, Muttalip Unluer and Rita Krishna have sent the following messages of support urging residents to attend the hearing:

Ken Livingstone:

"The number of letters of complaint sent to Hackney Council by concerned local residents and businesses shows the strength of opposition to this proposal that runs through this community. I continue to support this residential community in its attempts to maintain the quality of life for all the families and residents who live in Stoke Newington and for everyone who works in and visits the area. It is the right of all local people to attend the Council hearing and I would urge them to do so."

Diane Abbott:

“I am very impressed with the sheer volume of objections to turning Satchmo’s into a sex establishment. The high level of complaints shows how much our community does not need such an establishment. I sincerely hope that lots of local residents make it to the license request hearing on May 6th to show these objections in the most visible way and that the Licensing Committee take this show of public objection into account.”

Ward Councillors Jamie Carswell, Muttalip Unluer and Rita Krishna:

"We wholeheartedly support this campaign. The fact that Hackney's licensing department has received well over 300 individual letters of complaint shows the overwhelming strength of opinion in the Stoke Newington community over these ridiculous proposals. The hearing on 6th May will be required to hear a balance between the mass of objectors and the application - so not everyone will get a chance to speak - but we would urge all objectors to attend to lend support to the case against this strip club."

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